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    Danielle M

    This place is my sanctuary for all my face needs. I went in to get emface because I heard about it and it sounded like something I wanted to try. It’s basically a facelift without surgery. I am not a fan of fillers either because they make your face look huge and mask like. This has no downtime just some redness but nothing crazy. Anyway, after my first session the two lines under my eyes above my cheeks disappeared. I was surprised because I’ve had Morpheus8 and that was beyond painful and didn’t show as much result as emface. I can just imagine what my face will look like after all four treatments which I am definitely looking forward to!!! Danielle was so knowledgeable with the procedure, and the background of each procedure I’ve had done . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EMFACE and I have also had the silk peel!!!! You will not be disappointed I promise you. This place is amazing!! Thank you so much for making my face look more Beautiful than ever!!!!

    7 months ago
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    PATRICIA Bennis

    I would highly recommend Precision Aesthetics MD. I did a Thermage face treatment and my results were amazing. I look 5 years younger. My skin has improved so much. Amazing professionals, super clean and great friendly office.

    8 months ago
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    Aimey Kaur

    I struggle with acne and have some stubborn scars so I loved my results from silk peel procedure as well as Emtone on the back of my thighs for cellulite reduction. Danielle is amazing and so knowledgeable. I’ll make sure to keep coming back for more treatments.

    8 months ago
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    Kathy F

    Danielle is wonderful and so knowledgeable..I love coming to do my Exilis and IPL here...I also started the Emsculpt NEO and I love it! If you are looking to feel better about yourself and don't want to do surgery come see Danielle..

    8 months ago
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    Eric Miller

    I tried the Emface, I have to say it was amazing. As a guy who cares about his appearance, I found the treatment to be effective and worth every penny. The results were instantly noticeable and the process was super comfortable. It's a solid choice for any man looking to maintain a youthful and fresh look.

    9 months ago

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