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    J. S.

    I highly recommend this post-surgery and lymphatic drainage massage center to anyone, even those who haven't recently undergone surgery. The impact of the lymphatic system on health, weight, and overall well-being is crucial. The slimming massages work wonders, visibly reducing inflammation after each session. Results are long-lasting, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle. I've referred numerous people to this center and suggest the package of 10 massages for the best value and motivation. The only drawback is the limited parking options, requiring street parking vigilance to avoid tickets.

    2 months ago
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    Melissa Lopez

    I’m sure this place under new management by now but I got my lips filled about 6or 7 years ago here. Been had lumps for years. Yesterday I finally got a surgery in Florida to cut out whatever was inside my lips. Turns out it was some white rubbery substance! Bewareeee of what might be injected because some things won’t ever dissolve

    3 weeks ago
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    Olivia Sosa

    Amazing staff! Highly recommend. I appreciate all the ladies that did all my massages and gave their most genuine advice. A place away from home. Saludos Familia 🤍

    a month ago
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    Franco Miles

    Showed up for my appointment on time, but they Overbooked and told me to wait an hour, they had their "better" customers come and go. I call if I'm late or not able to make it, why can't they notify clients of issues? It's not like there are hundreds of different means to communicate?

    a year ago
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    Carmen DelValle

    I just wanted to share my experience at Mimi's Doll Spa. They treated me like family. They were so welcoming and inviting. The place is clean and the staff is super sweet, courteous and knowledgeable. I read the review from Ms. Emily Hernandez and I CANNOT believe we are speaking of the same place or the same people. The young lady who handles the front area, Ms. Stephanie, (While greeting guests, making appointments, handling the daily flow and making the clients/patients comfortable), happens to be very professional. With that being said, If you are looking for a safe, professional place to have your needs met, especially after surgery, you NEED to come here.

    4 years ago

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