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    DO NOT give these people your business. They severely burned my face with their laser treatment (pictures as proof). My face was swollen from the burn and I'm literally still missing skin in the area. They gave me three spot microneedling treatments in the months that followed. The treatments helped slightly but i needed at least 2-3 more to help heal the area. After the third session, I was told they would no longer help me as they've wasted too many resources as is. Their words, not mine. The microneedling cartridges are $50. They only need 1 per session. Desperate to help heal my face from THEIR negligence, I offered to pay for the cartridges myself. They again REFUSED and claim they don't do spot treatments. Even though they did it THREE times before refusing. These people are disgusting. It's been 7 months since the burn. I will have these scars for life. I URGE YOU. DO NOT GO HERE. I would hate if anyone else went through what I've gone through.

    3 weeks ago
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    Lenore Cicala

    I came here for laser hair removal. I bought a package of six laser hair removal sessions for around $300. After comparing many different places in the area, I think this place is competitively priced. The facility is quite nice, and the rooms are really clean. The technician who does the laser hair removal does not speak English as well but she is helpful and will pause for you if you feel a lot of pain.

    4 years ago
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    Luisana Torres

    I was a first time laser hair removal client and Gloria was fantastic! She explained the treatment in detail and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. Plus she was hilarious! Made my nerves calm, would definitely recommend.

    a year ago
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    Eunjung Kwak

    Best place for a facial. excellent customer service. I've experienced skin tighting. It's amazing. Women take the time to make sure they get the perfect service for their skin type. I highly recommend Laser Fit for all skin care needs.

    a year ago
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    Erick A

    Went for a treatment and they upscaled for a 2 different treatments. Double charged me and when I called to get a refund for the first treatment that I did t get they said we upgraded the service but they didn’t tell me that they were going to keep the first payment. I told them ok keep it because I’m not gonna argue but NEVER again. Also, if you go through Groupon they want you to only take a picture of the coupon and not buy it there so they don’t have to pay fees and you won’t be covered. You have been warned 🚨

    a year ago

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